Lotus knows
Do you know lotus?

Lotus weiss..

  • Lotus weiss, was Sie wissen müssen.
  • Lotus weiss, wie man Meetings in der Cloud abhält.
  • Lotus weiss, der nächste Konferenzraum liegt direkt vor Ihrer Nase.
  • Lotus weiss, dass auch Computer gerne telefonieren.
  • Lotus weiss, dass 36 verschiedene E-Mails ein gemeinsames Thema haben.
  • Lotus weiss, ob Sie gerade Wichtigeres zu tun haben.
  • Lotus weiss, was Sie wissen müssen.

Lotus knows..

  • Lotus knows what you need to know.
  • Lotus knows that the world is getting smaller.
  • Lotus knows how to have a meeting in the cloud.
  • Lotus knows sharing a taxi can be awkward, but sharing desktops is awesome.
  • Lotus knows the closest place to meet your client is 17 inches away.
  • Lotus knows who knows.
  • Lotus knows who can help you with that.
  • Lotus knows where you put that file.
  • Lotus knows you should bring an umbrella to the meeting.
  • Lotus knows there’s something you should read in today’s Business section.
  • Lotus knows mashups.
  • Lotus knows where to put that mashup.
  • Lotus knows that every computer is a phone in disguise.
  • Lotus knows that the people on flight #37 will be late for the holiday dinner.
  • Lotus knows that sometimes 36 emails is just one conversation.
  • Lotus knows if you have something more important to do right now.
  • Lotus knows how to make you a better communicator.
  • Lotus knows how to make your customer the center of the universe.
  • Lotus knows how to make your website work smarter.
  • Lotus knows what your customers think of you.