CloudeeCMS - You have never seen your website faster

Blog post by Richie Schmid

CloudeeCMS is a new revolutionary serverless CMS by WebGate. The CloudeeCMS web application allows you to manage the design and the content of your webpage, giving you maximum flexibility and freedom.

So what's the difference between a traditional CMS and serverless CloudeeCMS?

All those traditional content management systems, even the most popular one, run in a server or a virtual server. Those servers have to be maintained, updated with latest security patches and prepared for autoscaling when traffic suddenly rises. You pay for the server by hour, no matter if someone visits your website or if it's quiet.

With CloudeeCMS it doesn't matter if you're an international company, a local business around the corner or an individual who just wants to run a private website, CloudeeCMS will fit your needs thanks to serverless technology that can scale on demand without gaps. You pay only for effective usage and you will be positively surprised how low the costs are.

So for example, if you're a small local business and your website doesn't get visitors during the night, you no longer have to pay for a server that runs idle all night long. For sure, if you have customers that are more active during the night, they can still access your website without any problems. Your serverless site is always reachable. Heard about the crashing of websites due to a short term increase of visits? Won’t happen to you! Your website scales up to survive black Friday or even a mention during a Superbowl commercial break based on the traffic and you do not even have to think about providing the needed capacity! Honestly, can it be any better?

Wait.. really no servers?

Of course ‘serverless’ does not mean no servers are involved, but the clue is you don't have to setup, maintain and care for servers anymore to host your website (or to run a serverless application). CloudeeCMS is built to run in the AWS environment, which is professionally engineered with highest security standards and newest technologies. CloudeeCMS uses AWS S3 for storage and AWS CloudFront for regional caching. Content is stored in DynamoDB, a noSQL managed database, and webpages are rendered using AWS Lambda compute functions. Your website is built on rock solid microservices in the cloud that makes it fast, robust and easy to implement. With CloudeeCMS, no local software installation or command line hacking is required, you can simply manage your website design and content in the CloudeeCMS web application.

Content editor and website are decoupled from each other. Instead of being rendered on each request by a CMS application server that could be exploited if the latest security patches are missing your website is served by CloudFront / S3 so you do not have to fear security incidents anymore. CloudeeCMS renders each page from the database to static HTML hosted on S3 buckets. You can create your own page layouts and place fields or dynamic elements in it which will be replaced with the content entered in the web editor. Afterwards it is easy and fast to render and publish your page to see the results. Of course CloudeeCMS websites can also be used like a headless CMS to retrieve content via APIs from adjacent systems. Although, for best search engine ranking it's always good to have the content directly embedded in the webpage with fastest possible response time. With serverless design, the response time of the page will be fast as light.

CloudeeCMS is open-source and free to use in your own AWS account. This means you have full control over data ownership and you will be billed directly by AWS for the resources you are consuming. Your consumption is based on the traffic on your website and storage needed on the server. Consumption prices start in the lower one digit dollar range.

So what are you waiting for? Try CloudeeCMS now!